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Awake Not Woke / Noelle Mering

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“Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light.”

                        —Ephesians 5:14


The long-simmering crisis that grips our culture has exploded in recent years, leaving us divided and intransigent. Discourse seems futile when we are no longer a people with shared principles or even a shared understanding of reality. What seems obvious to one person is patently absurd to the next. 

 This collapse of meaning is not accidental. It has been plotted and documented for decades, and now presents in its current form as Woke ideology. 

 Awake, Not Woke unmasks this ideology by examining its history, major players, premises, and tactics, showing us that “Wokeness” at its core is an ideology of rupture. Indeed, it is an ideology with fundamentalist and even cult-like characteristics that is on a collision course with Christianity.

With a wit and clarity that both exposes the absurd and mourns the brokenness of our culture, 

Noelle Mering provides answers to such questions as:  

  • Why does tolerance seem to only go in one direction?
  • How does the ideology create enemies, eroding friendship across the sexes and races?
  • Why is violence the natural end of Woke ideology?
  • Why are the Woke considered blameless?
  • Why have politics become all-absorbing?
  • Why is the corruption of children a logical outgrowth of Woke principles?
  • How is the movement fundamentally a rejection of the Logos?

This is a spiritual battle, and it is not accidental. The architects of revolution have long known that the transformation of the West had to come by way of destabilizing the social, familial, and religious pieties of a citizenry.

But there is a road to restoration, and it begins with identifying and understanding the operating principles of the Woke movement. While the revolution is a counterfeit religion resulting in alienation and division, the One True Faith brings restoration. It is this restoration -- of the person, the family, and the Faith -- for which we all hunger and is the most fitting avenue toward a more harmonious and whole society.

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