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CD The Rapture Files / Tim Staples (4 CD Set)

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Will Catholics be "left behind?" With nine books currently in print in the best-selling "Left Behind" series, and more on the way, fundamentalist authors Tim LaHaye and Larry Jenkins have astonished the literary world with their string of wildly popular novels based on the notion of the immanent "Rapture" of true believers.

With untold numbers of Christians betting their eternal salvation on this doubtful doctrine, Catholics across the nation find themselves asking, "Just what is the Rapture and what does the Catholic Church teach about it?" There are so many conflicting claims made about the Rapture, you owe it to yourself and your faith to learn the truth.

Jam Packed with Scripture
Many readers of the "Left Behind" books firmly believe that very soon millions of Christians will disappear without a trace, "caught up" to heaven in the so-called "Rapture," thus escaping the seven years of tribulation that will follow! But is this really what Scripture teaches?

In the all-new 4-CD set, called The Rapture Files, popular Catholic author, apologist and EWTN Radio personality Tim Staples takes aim at this controversial question.

Recorded before a live audience, these remarkable CDs feature Tim's unique perspective as a former Pentecostal minister who not only believed in the Rapture but also preached about it for years and lived his life based on its implications.

With this enlightening new CD set, you'll be equipped with all the Biblical ammunition you need to share the truth about the Rapture as Tim walks you through God's word, unpacking verse after verse from both the Old and New Testaments to expose the many Scriptural inconsistencies of the Rapture theory.

Finally, Tim reveals how the Catholic interpretation of all these verses creates a cohesive framework for understanding the second coming of Christ, free from contradiction and theological gymnastics.

"Ready or Not"
Tim also passionately conveys the serious consequences that can follow from an uncritical belief in the Rapture. You'll journey through both historical and current events as he exposes many of the atrocities that have been committed in the name of millenarianism. And how the long-range negative effects of these misguided actions can still be seen today in the escalating violence in the Middle East.

You'll also learn how a mistaken understanding of the "End Times" has caused some believers to follow dubious predictions regarding the exact time of the Rapture. You'll discover the high cost of their naiveté as many actually quit their jobs and sold their possessions only to be bitterly disappointed. Of course the eternal consequences are even more devastating!

Two Thousand Years of Tradition
In The Rapture Files you'll discover where and when this popular Protestant teaching really began and why in two thousand years the Catholic Church has never taught this phenomenon called the Rapture. After listening to Tim Staples' in-depth presentation, you'll be able to explain why when it comes to the Rapture, both the Bible and the Church say NO!

Be empowered to protect yourself from this false teaching with a fuller understanding of Scripture and Tradition.  Don't get "Left Behind" -Order your set today!

In this series, you will learn:

Why knowledge of the Rapture is vitally important to today's Catholic 
Where the teaching of the Rapture originated 
What dispensationalism is and why does the Church condemn it 
Who or what the "Fig Leaf" Generation is. 
Where the term "Rapture" comes from 
What the Rapture teaches about the coming of Christ 
What the two reasons that we need to be ready to meet Jesus are 
How the Mass follows the Book of Revelation

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